ちゃんぷるー・どっとこむに起こるさまざまなできごとを気ままにつづっていく日記 です。
できるだけ毎日書きたいのですが、つれづれなるままに・・・ です。皆さんも気が向いたらチェックしてみて下さい。 


Electric illumination at Kaze-no-eki

 先日風の駅に植木屋さんの善意でコニファーが植えられました。それが最近取り付けたささやかなクリ スマスの電飾とよくマッチして、よいよい、クリスマスらしい、と一人悦に入っています

A gardener planted conifers for Kaze-no-eki the other day. They match very well with electric illumination. We gave ourselves a pat on the back, saying,"Very good, look like Christmas!"


Rice-thrashing Mr. Sudo

「風の駅」では週に一度無農薬野菜を販売していますが、今日はその野菜を生産している須藤嘉也さん の畑を取材してきました。そこで何と脱穀する須藤さん発見。実際に脱穀するところを見るのは初めて で、思わず畑そっちのけで見入ってしまいました。

We sell organic veggies once a week at "Kaze-no-eki" and I visited Mr. Yoshinari Sudo who procuce them. There I found him thrashing rice. It was the first time for me to see rice thrashing so that I closely watched it before I knew it, forgetting about the vegitable field for a while.


Merriment at open-air cafe

このところカフェがにぎわっています。上の写真はお店の撮影に見えた三鷹市環境対策課の波照間(!) さんと四小の校外地区委員の難波江さんがアセロラジュースを飲みながらにと休みしているところ。
Open-air cafe has been with merriment these days. The picture above shows Mr. Hateruma(such an Okinawan name!) from the Environmental Protection Office of Mitaka City and Ms. Nabae from elementary school board member, resting and drinking acerola juice.

真ん中の写真はちゃんぷるー・どっとこむで利用しているサーバー業者サイトサーブが 週刊アスキーに掲載する広告のために、取材しているところ。カメラマンがちゃんぷるー 商品を撮影用に並べています。
Picture in the middle shows a cameraman taking pictures of champroo products. I was interviewed by Estore, on-line marketing and systems company, for their ad on a magazine.

下の写真は、親友の梵まゆが訪ねて来てくれた時にプレゼントしてくれた花たち。ニューヨークでの生 活が長かった彼女は、もっとうるさいカフェを利用していたようで、風の駅のオープンカフェは「全然 OKさぁ〜」。
The picture below shows small flowers given by my best friend, Bon-Mayu, as a gift for the shop. She used to live in NY for some time and love to use open-air cafes there. She says, "Cafes in NY are noisier. This is good, totally acceptable!"



店舗の前に結構スペースがあるので張り切ってオープンカフェにしたけど、これは大失敗。目の前の吉祥 寺通りの交通量が激しく、うるさい。おまけに向かいの井の頭公園や近くの玉川上水から蚊が群れをなし て飛んできます。それでも、いい休憩場所ができたと喜んで下さるお客様もいて、写真の方が常連顧客第 一号。こういうお客様がいらっしゃる限り、頑張ろう、と思う今日この頃です。

Open-air cafe at Kaze-no-eki

As there is quite a space in front of a shop building, I created an open air cafe, which turned out to be a blunder. Too noisy to sit down and talk because of heavy traffic in Kichijoji-dori. A troop of mosquitoes come flying from Park Inokashira and Tamagawa Waterworks, in addition. Still, there are some customers who are happy about this cafe, saying "this is a good place to rest." A gentleman in the picture is the first regular customer for the cafe. As long as there is a customer like him, I feel I can make every effort to keep this shop.



「風の駅」開店準備で夜も眠れぬ忙しさの中、連休中は青森県へ出かけました。お店がオープンしてしま えば家族そろっての旅行もままならないから、という夫の計らいで、おそるおそる出かけたのですが、行 って良かった、青森県!蒸し暑さの続く東京と違って、すっかり秋景色。温泉につかってひめますを始め 郷土料理に舌鼓を打ち、すっかりリラックスできました。今週も内装工事、引越しと忙しさは相変わらず ですが、元気に乗り切れそうです。

Trip in the interval of my hectic schedule - autumn leaves in Hakkoda, Aomori

In the hectic schedule where I hardly have good night sleep, I went to Aomori prefecture in the last 3-day weekend. It was my husband's plan, saying "we should go because after shop opens, we will hardly have chance for family trip. So I went with lots of hesitation, but after all, trip to Aomori made me totally refreshed. Unlike still muggy Tokyo, it was early autumn, nice and cool. I enjoyed hot spa and ate local dishes including Himemasu (red salmon). I am going to have yet another hectic week this week, but I feel I can get through with it.



ちゃんぷるー・どっとこむは三鷹ブランドの会の中のプロジェクト・マネジャーとして三 鷹市観光情報ステーション(仮称)、通称「風の駅」を運営することになりました。10月1日オープン を目指して奮闘中です。で、このイラストは元プロに頼んで描いてもらった予想図。こんな感じのお店に したいなあ、と日々眺めつつ頑張っています。 

Rendu of KAZE-NO-EKI (Wind Station)

It was formally decided that champroo.com will run a shop & information called "Wind Station." Now I am striving to open the shop on October 1, seeing this illustration to cheer myself up. This is a rendu that my friend, former proffessional illustrator, drew for me. I am making every effort to create a shop just like this.



暑い、暑いとあんなに文句を言っていたのに、もう秋の気配。で、我が家のゴーヤーは今年も実をつけずに 枯れてしまいそうです。去年から挑戦しているゴーヤー作り、去年は冷夏のためネットまで届くことなく 枯れてしまいました。今年は花はついているものの、実がなる様子はなくもう秋です。今年捨てるほど豊作 だったという風炎オヤジやハルサー勝連さんのアドバイスを聞いて、来年三度目の正直を目指そう。気力 が残っていれば・・・     

Goya(momordica charantia) on our veranda.

Here comes autumn wind, though I've been complaining all the time, "it's too hot!" And our goya seems to end without bearing any crop. We had been trying to raise goya since summer last summer, when it died even before readhing a net because of cold weather. This summer we found a few small flowers, but don't see any sign of crop. Should we try again next summer, listening to tips from Fuuen Oyagi (Mr. Hayashi) who boasted abundant crop and a farmer in Okinawa, Mr. Katsuren? Maybe, if I still had guts to do.



今回の帰省で初めて壷屋界隈を散策しました。楽しかった!子供には少々退屈だったようですが、通りに 風情があるし、やちむんを売るどのお店もそれぞれに個性があり見て回るだけで楽しい。偶然見つけて入 館した那覇市立壷屋焼物博物館も◎でした。クーラーの良く効いた部屋で焼物の説明ビデオを見て、あま りの気持ちよさにうとうと・・・もちろん、展示自体も良かったです。地元の人はあんまり行かないと思 うのですが、私のお気に入りの場所になりました。

Tsuboya in Naha City, concentrated with pottery shops.

I visited Tsuboya for the first time in my life and I enjoyed it very much. Although it seems to be a little boring place for my kids, the neighborhood present an enchanting sight, and window shopping at each pottery shop is simply a fun. In addition, a pottery museum that we accidentally found and entered was entertaining. Watching educational video about pottery in a well-airconditioned room, I couldn't resist dozing off for a moment because it was so comfortable. Well of course, exhibition itself was good. I don't believe Okinawans visit this neighborhood very often, but this is now definitely one of my favorite places in Okinawa.



沖縄に帰るたびにユニークな貼り紙を見つけて喜ぶ私ですが、これは秀逸。よくコンビニなどで「トイ レのみのご利用を固く禁じます。」などというけち臭い貼り紙を見かけますが、これはその逆で、何だか気分い いですよね。やんばるの東海岸にはスーパーやコンビニは皆無で、集落に一軒だけ共同売店と呼ばれる 懐かしい雰囲気の雑貨店があります。これは、そこのトイレを拝借した際に見つけました。頑張れ、区長! と声を掛けたくなりました。    

Poster on a wall of shop bathroom.

Almost every time I go back to Okinawa, I am pleased to find an interesting poster. This is very excellent one, saying "Thank you for using this toilet. Please use our shop, too." We often find a cheap poster in convenience stores saying, "Do not use bathroom only." Instead, this one makes me smile, and feel like cheering shop owner. In the east coast of northern Okinawa, there is only one such shop at each small village with no supermarket or convenience store.



帰ってきました、沖縄。今回は、国頭村奥にあるこの国道58号線の起点近くの民宿を拠点に、「やんば る」の自然を堪能しました。台風のためお天気が今ひとつで、予定していたマングローブでのカヌーはキ ャンセルになっちゃったけど、車道を横切るヤンバルクイナにも会えたし、沖縄の良さを改めて実感した 夏休みでした。   

Traffic origin of Route 58.

I've just returned from Okinawa! This time I stayed in a little inn near this traffic origin in Oku, Kunigami Village, and enjoyed beautiful nature in " Yanbaru," mountaneous, northern part of Okinawa island. Although we had to cancel canoeing in mangrove swamps because of typhoon, we encountered with an Okinawa Rail who was crossing the road. After all, I can say my summer vacation was a good, another occasion to feel benefits of Okinawa.



あんまり暑くて料理をする気のないお昼、いかん、と思いつつお茶漬けを用意。ごはんに海苔、梅干し、 じゃこをのせ、ゴマをふりかけてお茶を注ぐ前に、ふと思いついて、前夜作ったゴーヤーチップス(作り 方はしあわせの沖縄料理に載っています)の残りを乗せてみまし た。これが結構いけるんです。ボリュウム感もあり、栄養的にも罪悪感が軽減。この夏の、マイブームに なるかも。   

A creative dish---goya-chazuke.

On a hot summer noon, I was about to prepare ochazuke, rice with hot tea poured on it, with a bit of sense of guilt. I put roasted laver, pickled ume, dried baby sardines, and sprinkled white sesames. Right before pouring tea on them, I happened to remember leftover goya chips I made for last supper. I put them on, too. Goya-chazuke tasted good and were more filling. In light of nutrition, it reduced my sense of guilt. I would be much into it this summer.



去年の夏買い求めたジャスミンが、今年も開花してくれました!「来年も咲きますよ」と言われながら、 花物はことごとく失敗してきました。ポインセチア、紫陽花、みんな花が終わると枯れてしまったので すが、このジャスミンだけは枯れることなく今年も咲いてくれました。今年の猛暑の数少ない慰めです。  

Jasmine on the summer morning.

The jasmine I bought last year is flowring. Even though I was told that this would bloom next year, I kept failing to bloom every potted flower I purchased, poinsettia, hydrangea, to name a few. They all died down after flower except this jasmine, which bloom for the second time this summer. This is one of a few things that comfort me in this sizzling summer.


商工まつり 三鷹商工まつりのようす。

今回は珍しく娘が張り切って手伝ってくれました。でも愛想が無い〜。それにしても暑かったです。17、 18日とも35度前後の暑さ。ジュースがよく売れました。原料(アセロラシロップ、シークヮーサー、 天然水)が高いのでほとんど利益なし。でも、「うわあ、おいしい!」というお客様の声に、 ちゃんぷるー商品に対する自信が深まりました。

市役所バンド 下の写真は、市役所経済課の皆さんによるバンド演奏の様子。サザンの曲で夏のお祭り気分を盛り上げて いました。これまでスーツ姿の「役人」のイメージしかなかったので、ちょっとびっくり。 


Champroo.com participated a fesival held by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Mitaka City on the days of 17&18.

This time, my daughter helped me out, but she was too unfriendly. It was very hot on both days and the temperature went as high as 35 degree centigrade (pretty close to 100 deg. F). So my juice sells very well, but as materials (acerola syrup, cytrus shikwasa juice and mineral water) are high quality, expensive ones, profit was almost nil. When I heard customers' "Wow, this is good!" so many times though, I felt good and confident about my products.

The picture below indicates a band consisted of city employees. Since I always see them in dark suits, I was a little surprised. They played Southern All Star's hit songs to ginger up the festival.



先日ゴーヤーを植えようと買ったテラコッタの鉢が、ざるを載せるのにぴったり!ゴーヤーの植え替えは 後回しにして、しばし梅干台として活躍してもらおう。ゴーヤーちゃん、もうしばらく狭いプランターで 我慢していてね。

Now I am drying apricots in the sun.

This bamboo basket carrying apricots accidentally fits on a terra-cotta pot that I bought the other day for goya. I decided to use it as a support for this bamboo basket before replanting goya. Poor goya, please be patient in a small planter a little longer.



市販の梅干が薬臭くて食べられない私は、ほぼ毎年梅干を手作りします。漬物石も使わず、レシピにある 分量の梅と塩をガラス瓶にぶちこんで、1週間くらい経って晴れの日に2、3日日干しして、塩もみした 赤シソと一緒に瓶に戻し1ヶ月くらい待ったら、美味しい梅干の出来上がり! 

何より梅の淡い緑色(買ってしばらく置いておいたので赤いところもありますが)と島マースの白が目に すがすがしい。 

This is a time for me to pickle ume, Japanese apricot.

Since I can't eat commercially available pickled ume because of its taste of additives, I make one by myself. It's easier than most people think, too. I just put instructed amount of apricot and salt in a bottole, dry them in the sun for a couple of sunny days about a week later, and put them back in the bottle with salted, red perilla. Wait about a month, and you'll get all natural, tasty pickled apricot.

Pale green of apricot (though some of them are yellow-red because I waited too long after purchase) and white of shima-masu (Okinawan salt, very rich in mineral) look so refreshing.



今年初めて夏野菜カレーを作りました。去年から夏はカレーにゴーヤーを入れることにはまって います。もちろん粉ウコンもたっぷり入れます。ほんのり黄色いご飯はうっちん(ウコン)ライス。他に なす、トマト、ズッキーニが入っています。気分はもう夏。 

Blow off the muggy heat before tyhoon!

I cookd curry with summer vegetables for the first time this year. I've given myself up to putting go-ya (momordica charantia) in curry since last summer. Of course I put a lot of ukon, too. I even put a little in rice, making it pale yellow and stimulating appetite. Other ingredients are: eggplants; tomatos and zucchini. .. Summer has come!


今週の日曜日、三鷹市美術ギャラリーで開催中のいま・むかし おもちゃ大博覧会を見てきました。 。

昔なつかしいおもちゃに出会うことが目的だったのですが、思っていた以上に楽しかった! 江戸時代はこどもは家の宝で、明治以降は国の宝になっていく様子もよく分かる、良い展示でした。27日 までの開催なのでお近くの方は是非!(三鷹駅南口コラルの5階です)

宝物のこどもには、やは りパソコンやインターネットではなく、このような素朴なおもちゃで思い切り遊んでもらいたいなあ、と 思いました。 

Last Sunday, I went out to see an exhibition titled "Great Exhibition of Toys - Past and Present" held at Mitaka City Gallary, located on the 5th floor of CORAL, near the south exit of Mitaka Station.

That was a good show in which you can see how a child has been treated: In Edo era, children were household treasure and had been national treasure since Meiji era when modernization as well as westernization started.

I thought every child, a treasure of our sociery, should play with those exhibited, good toys, rather than personal computers and internet.



世間では色々なことが起こり騒々しいけれど、 もうすぐ桜桃忌。特に太宰治のファンでもないのですが、三鷹はゆかりの地であり桜桃忌が行われる禅林寺が 近いこともあり、何となくしんみりした気分になります。

A colony of hydrangea on the bank of Tamagawa waterworks, near the spot where Osamu Dazai, probably one of the most popular fiction writers in modern Japanese literature, drowned himself with his lover.

We are exposed to numerous nerve-wracking news and events these days, and Outouki, his memorial day (June 19) is near as usual. Though I am not big on him, I have quiet, compassionate feelings maybe because Mitaka City is associated with him in many ways and I live near Zenrinji temple where his tomb is located.



今日は東京ビッグサイトで開催されている「ヘルス フードエキスポ」に出かけようと思っていたのに、2、3日前から鼻水・くしゃみの止まらなかった娘が ついに爆発してしまい朝一番で小児科へ・・・これって娘と一緒に歌った歌の中で一番のお気に入り「あ めふりくまの子」じゃないかなあ。当の娘は具合が悪いこともあって「さあね」。

Origami bear on the wall of the pediatrics ward.

I meant to go to Health Food Exposition & Conference today, but ran into a pediatric clinic instead. My daughter, having had running nose and non-stop sneezing for a couple of days, finally claimed that she was ill. Watching this bear on the wall, I wondered if this was the bear in the song "Bear in the Rain," which is my best favorite of the songs I sang for her. Naturally, sick girl didn't care for it and said, "I don't know."



このところ梅雨のような天気が続いています。そろそろバラが散ってアジサイの季節。季節が進むのが 早いような気がします。
昨日市民検診の結果が出ました。異常な〜し。そろそろ検診だから節制し ようと思いつつ、お酒を飲みたい放題飲んでいた私。お酒の後のうっちん、食後のゴーヤー茶、ちょっ と疲れたらもろみ酢、のお陰かな。 

Roses in the rain.

It's been either raining or crowdy, just like a rainy season. The rose is soon to fall and the hydrangea starts to bloom. The season seems to go ahead of its schedule.
Yesterday, I received the result of medical checkup. They found no abnormality. I tried not to drink alcohol before checkup in vain, and end up drinking as much as I wanted. This result may be thanks to ukon after alcohol, go-ya tea after meal and Moromisu vinegar when I am a little tired.



  連休明けに風炎窯から届いた器に、豆アジのマリネ(アセロラ ドレッシング赤しそ使用)を盛ってみました。いい感じ。サイトの写真と実物が色が違う、と思ったの ですが、自分で写した写真もちょっと違う。本当はもっと緑色、モスグリーンです。 
でも軽くって使いやすい、いい器です。子供たちも「お、新しい器だね」と気に入った 様子。お願いだから割らないでね〜。 


This is a main dish for our supper last night. Horse mackerel marinated with onion, green pepper and mini tomatos in acerola dressing in 風炎窯fuuengama's dish. It looks good. When I first looked at this dish, I thought the actual color is different from that of what I saw in their website. Now it's different even in my picture. Actually, the color is more green, moss green.

But they are light, good dishes, easy to handle. My kids seem to like them too, saying, "Wow, they are new!" I say, "don't break them, please!"



  我が家の恒例行事、あしなが育英会主催のPウォーク。春と秋に開催され、参加費(大人500円、中高生300 円、小学生100円)が寄付になります。今時の若者がやりたいこと、学びたいことを見つけるまでの話が 聞け、日頃の運動不足が解消され、ささやかながら慈善の意思も表示できるお気に入りの行事です。 
連休中の外食でついた脂肪を落とすつもりだったのに、10キロ歩いた後の体重が 変わっていませんでした。何で?もっとゴーヤー茶飲まなくちゃ。  
Pウォークについて、詳しく知りたい方はこちらを クリック!


Yesterday I walked 10 kilometers in the event called "P walk" (P stands for phiranthropy).

This is our favorite family event held twice a year, in spring and autumn, by a NPO called ASHINAGA. Its participation fees (500yen for adults, 300 for junior-high and high school students and 100 for elementary school children) are donation for children who lost their parents by car accidents, suicide or disaster. The reason we like this event is that we can listen to a story about how a young man finds a subject he wants to study and occupation/mission he wishes to dommit; we can also shed our fat; and we can do something good for other people at the same time.

I intended to reduce my weight, gained from eating out during Golden Week, but it remained pretty much the same after the walk. Does it mean I should drink more go-ya tea?



それはフーチバー(よもぎ)。この時期道端で、植え込みで、あちこちに姿を見せるフーチバー(多分)。 ときどき思い切って葉っぱをちぎって匂いを嗅いでみる。微妙。フーチバーのようでもあり、他のキク科の植物の ようでもあり。少し摘んでフーチバージューシー(ヨモギ入り雑炊)でも作ってみたいのだが、全然違う 葉っぱだったらどうしよう、と思い実行できずにいる。

写真にある、タンポポなどの雑草と一緒に生えているこの植物はフーチバーなのでしょうか。どなたか 教えてください! 


What puzzles me in this season of the year in Tokyo is tansy(probably) in many streets and roadside gardens.

Sometimes I tear a leaf off and smell it. It smells like fu-chiba (tansy, in Okinawan language) but also like other oxeye. I want to pick some of them and make "fu-chiba jushi," (tansy in rice porridge) but I've never done it, wondering what if they are just some weeds, not fu-chiba? Their scent is too subtle to convince me.

Would anyone kindly tell me if they are fu-chiba and it's totally okay for me to put them in porridge?




Yesterday, I found a rape blossom (sounds awful in English!) on the way to supermarket from my office.

It was a happy surprise because I didn't expect it in my neighborhood. Well, spring is in full bloom all over the country, even in this part of Tokyo.



水、小麦粉それぞれカップ1に卵を混ぜて、フライパンで弱火で焼くだけ、超簡単(クレープを焼く要領 で薄く種を伸ばして3−4枚焼きます)。帰省した時母が持たせてくれた三枚肉で作ったアンダンス ー(油味噌)を塗って出来上がり!
昔おばあちゃんが作ってくれた味がして、ちょっと感動しました。申し遅れましたが、ポーポーは沖縄の 定番おやつで、私は全国的に有名になったサーターアンダギーよりこちらの方が好きです。お店には大体 種に黒糖を混ぜたものと、今回作ったアンダンスー入りの2種類あります。


Last Sunday, I tried to make "po-po" for the first time, referring to the cookbook called "Happy Okinawan Cuisine."

Mix 1 cup of water and flour and an egg, and bake 3-4 thin cakes like crepes on a pan over low heat. It's easy like that! Then I spread "Andansu" (Miso spread with greasy pork) on them, roll them up and it's done! They tasted just like one that my grandma used to make.

By the way, po-po is one of the most common snack in Okinawa. I prefer po-po to "sa-ta-andagi ( Okinawan donut), which has gained nationwide popularity. You'll usually find two varieties at shops: brown po-po with brown sugar in dough; and white po-po with andansu.